AmeriSack, Inc has over 21 years of experience in the manufacturing, sales and service of all products we distribute. AmeriSack is a distributor of multi-wall paper bags, FIBCs (Bulk Bags), plastic pails, poly packaging, dunnage bags and shipping products. The products we distribute are used in a vast variety of industries such as the building materials, minerals, resin, roofing, foam, animal feed, flour and milling industries.

Our relationships with the manufacturing plants span both domestically and globally to provide our clients with the most cost effective, high quality products in the market. We strive to understand our clients needs.

Along with our expansive distribution network and our commitment to quality, our factories are also vertically integrated. This allows our customers to have consistent supply of raw materials, high quality packaging and a competitive price that is NOT tied to the global market.

AS a value-added service to our customers, AmeriSack is ready to support your inventory management by offering flexible inventory stocking arrangements at warehouses strategically located across the USA. Our mission is to understand the customer’s needs, provide the most competitive pricing, design and deliver the highest quality packaging all while communicating with our customers in a courteous and professional manner